Boating accidents do happen and should you need to recover a vessel that's in danger, or has already sunk, Combined Boating Services Perth can be there to help you when you need it the most. Our highly qualified team can recover boats or vessels or that have sunk, gone overboard or have damaged their hull and require assistance. Over our time we have pulled many boats out of peril and rescued many boats from sinking.

Combined Boating Services Perth can arrange for divers and or a tow truck to recover your boat or vessel in the ocean or the river and get it back to land. We can then arrange for it be delivered to wherever it needs to go.  

Our highly qualified staff are trained in accordance to industry standards, offering advice on all boating requirements and training to suit individual boat owner and vessel requirements.  We pride ourselves on high quality, professionalism reliability and prompt service to ensure we stand out as your boating contractor of choice. For all your boating needs, contact Combined Boating Services Perth on 0413 735 726 or