Are you looking to buy a new boat? Buying a boat is a major investment so let us take out the stress and uncertainty out of it by conducting a comprehensive Pre Purchase Boat Inspection. The sole purpose of this marine survey is to evaluate the general condition and overall operation of the vessel and provide a clear precise assessment of the vessel prior to purchase. A pre-purchase inspection will help you understand the level of care the previous owner has taken of the vessel prior to getting the keys and what money may need to be spent getting it to a good safe operational level.
Included in this report is a detailed breakdown of recommendations beginning with essential, recommended or advisory to help aid in negotiating specific repairs or issues with the seller post purchase. Photo documentation is included in our documentation if buyers are wishing to negotiate with the vendor to conduct repairs prior to sale or to adjust the price accordingly.
Combined Boating Services Perth provide the complete boating package with over 30 years professional marine experience, operating 7 days a week from morning to night.